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Taste of Power Alpha version

Taste of Power is a RTS game about clash of nations of medieval Europe, India, Middle East and China. The game simulates an event which could but did not happen in reality:  crusaders campaign against India, samurai landing in Byzantium, saracens invasion to China and many more.  

Game mechanics consists of building cities, recruiting troops and conducting military actions.

Economy part of Taste of Power gives players a taste of the medieval city management. For example, workers actually have jobs in blacksmithing, carpentry, weaving and pottery. The goods made from this are used to further develop your city and troops. On the same time game allowed to redistribute your workers as needed by few clicks of a game interface button. This allows you to concentrate on maneuvering and fighting.

The military mechanics of "Taste of Power" combine deep strategic elements with dynamic and diverse actions. Everyone of our units is fundamentally different from every other unit in the game.

We've made it so no unit is a dominant force and every unit is vulnerable to multiple types of units.

Because of that, a component of victory is discovering the enemy's troops and developing a strategy around them. Another element of victory is to gain the tactical advantage over the enemy. Controlling strategic positions, scouting enemy troops movements, sabotaging enemy base operations, competent maneuvering and defending positions are all part of destroying the enemy and attaining victory.

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